What We Do

"I got a head full of ideas that are drivin' me insane." — Bob Dylan

We too stay up late at night driven mad by ideas and questions: Why is site hosting so difficult for you and your clients? After doing so much work building a beautiful and engaging product for your clients, why are you pulling your hair out keeping their site alive, functional, and secure, post-launch?

Our hosting is optimized for MODX and WordPress

delivering the most powerful and most popular

platforms available

Why We Do It

You are a designer, a programmer, someone who brings your clients' vision to life. You are not a system administrator, a security specialist, or a networking specialist – but we are. We understand that rock-solid, bulletproof hosting is the critical foundation to the sites and experiences your customers launch online. We are fanatical about amazing customer experiences and bring that obsession to every detail of our implementations. Our company was created out of the desire to deliver amazing performance. We wanted to create the space for designers and developers to do their magic, and remove from them the logistical headaches that come with operating a hosting environment.

"One of the fastest servers I've seen."
Paul Suntup, Zel Creative

We are Fireproof Socks, a speciality hosting company with one focus: providing a hosting experience that is blazing fast and rock-solid secure. We work with agencies and developers to ensure their clients have stable and secure servers for their sites and projects. We take care of the infrastructure so you can focus on developing the most compelling solutions for your customers. Our founders have been part of some of the largest deployments online, and have earned their battle scars the hard way.

"All the latest software tuned for the environment, impeccable security and monitoring, and common sense support — Fireproof Socks is the ONLY provider I trust to host my clients' MODX deployments."
Jason Coward, MODX Chief Architect

We are not a mass-market, cookie-cutter, hosting company. We deliver custom built servers built to rigid specifications. We select our customers as carefully as they select us. We've developed tools to make sure your clients are as impressed with the hosting as they are with the site you built. We strive to keep every customer relationship a personal one and to work closely with every client to deliver a solution that's optimized for their needs. Our technology enables fast, secure, scalable, and repeatable deployments for your development platform.

Talk To Us

If you are ready to talk to us about solving your configuration, tuning, security, or other infrastructure and hosting related issues, please contact us.

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